Ideas for organizing kitchen flatware

We all know that it is very difficult to keep our cutlery always tidy and in line.

The cutlery has different sizes and shapes, and when they all mix in the same drawer, it gets a huge mess that you can not find what you are looking for.

Besides wasting a lot of time looking for what it needs, many of the utensils begin to get lost in the middle of such confusion.

The ideal is to have the drawers divided to place, the cutlery by size and shape.

 An important tip is to put the utensils we use most often in the most accessible rooms, or in places very close to being used with ease.

Tips for large size flatware that are difficult to keep clean

 1st DIAGONAL DIVIDERS - If you have a drawer that is not being used in the best way, transferring this drawer to organize the large size cutlery, an easy idea is to place the dividers in the drawer across. They can make wooden dividers, they are easy to make and they are not very expensive.



2nd - VERTICAL ORGANIZATION Organizing the cutlery vertically, is also a very practical solution, this for those who like and have deep drawers. If they do not have wooden partitions, here they can use glass or clay pots, or cans, and these can be decorated to your taste.



3rd - ALTERNATIVE DRAWERS If you do not have drawers available we always have practical and original solutions, making easy and tidy flatware access.



4rd - RECYCLING MATERIALS Another suggestion if you do not have drawers available near the place of use, is to line a door, using old bargains, old jeans. In addition to arranging the cutlery gives you to decorate your kitchen giving back the charm and originality that a kitchen needs so much.

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