How to pack the flatware after a dinner

When we take a break from the meal, should we take the cutlery out of the plate?

We all liked to know how to put the cutlery after a meal.

It is important to have some notions of etiquette on the table to know how to arrange the cutlery during the meal, which may be a formal event or when we go out for dinner. As it is important and necessary to keep good manners at the table, it is also important to know how we should leave the cutlery at the end of the meal.

During a meal we take several breaks without wanting to remove the flatware and the plate from the table. Is it necessary to put the cutlery on the plate? Yes it is necessary to put on the plate and the most correct form is the fork facing upwards to the left and the knife to the right with the saw inwards, without that touching each other.


Next plate

After completing the first dish, and we want to be served the following, a very frequent question is, will it be necessary to leave the cutlery crossed on the plate? No, in the usual way, we must leave the cross knife on the plate, with the saw down, and the fork perpendicular to the plate.


Final of the meal


If we want to show that we loved our meal, we should put the cutlery across the plate. The fork is facing up into place and the knife with the blade also facing up. This is the way we can express when they take the plate, which we liked very much.



A very civilized way to show dislike and dislike of food is to put the cutlery crossed on the plate by placing the knife with the blade into the dish and under the fork.


Once the meal is done, we have several ways of placing the cutlery on the plate, indicating to those who served us that they can remove the plate.

In this way, and always placing the fork to the left of the knife and with the knife saw looking at the center of the plate, we have three possible positions:

»Place the fork and knife vertically on the plate, side by side.

»Cross the cutlery diagonally, from the right edge of the dish to the center.

»Cross the cutlery diagonally, on the left edge of the dish to the center.


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