Tips for teaching children to have good manners at the table

How to teach children to eat at the table

We all know that meal times are very important for the family to get together and talk about how the day went. Here we can use to teach our children to have good manners at the table.
Many families unfortunately do not have much time and willingness to teach their children to have good manners at the table. Most of the time families do not eat at the same time, let alone at the table. Which makes the relationship between parents and children more difficult and so the good manners at the table is a little forgotten.

It is not difficult to teach children to have discipline and education at the table, we only have to dedicate a little of our time and they learn very easily, and the sooner the better.

An important tip for getting good results at the table with our children is:

When we receive visitors at home, we must involve the children in the preparation of the dinner and teach how to receive the guests, they are very fond of participating in the decoration and organization. Children love to help, so let them prepare dinner, pick up the guests' coats, take them to the table and indicate the places each guest should occupy, and let them serve simple things. Do not be afraid, here the children, besides learning how to help, they have a lot of fun.

When should we teach our children to use cutlery?

When the child is able to have sufficient motor coordination to pry, here is the time to teach the child that the time for the spoon is no longer 100%, it is time to devote to the fork, and here it is great for training balance and concentration, between the sting and bring to the mouth without dropping the food. The knife can and should be used to help push food into the fork. At the end and with some patience we are teaching how to put the cutlery at the end of the meal (post) already placed on the blog. has the tips on how to fix the cutlery at the end of the meal), so we say to put the cutlery close together like two boyfriends.
We know that it is a difficult task to teach our children how to eat and use the cutlery correctly, but an important tip and to make children feel important to the table is to put the cutlery they like. As you can see in my online store I have some very cute models all of them with different themes, dedicated only to the children, here you can buy a pack of 6 forks, 6 spoons and 6 knives, your children will love, have cutlery made with same parent material, but with preferred themes. If you have any questions just contact me, I'll help you with what you need.


We can not allow the child to:

1. Speak with full mouth;

2. Play with the cutlery;

3. Interrupt the adults when they are talking;

4. Get up from the table without asking;

5. Place the elbow on the table;

6. Chew with open mouth;

7. Play on your tablet or mobile phone;

8. Swinging or kneeling on the chair

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Good appetite and good conversation with your kids at the table !!!!!

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