Will you start a new phase of your life?

It´s time to live alone, or accompanied?

We know that when we make the decision to leave the comfort of our parents' home, there are details that escape us, such as the quality of our flatware

When we think of starting a new stage in our life, in a new house, which may be because of a marriage, or because it simply decided, that it is time to live alone, and therefore nothing better than a few new and good quality silverware, such as the world's best brands CUTIPOL, BELO INOX and HERDMAR.


The importance of the flatware material 


First of all we must know that the material chosen for your new cutlery must be of good quality. It's no use having new, beautiful cutlery, which will soon spoil, and look unexpected.

  To avoid unpleasant surprises in your appearance, you should choose materials such as stainless steel, which will not deteriorate with use and washes. It is known as chrome steel, has a slightly bluish shine and has in its composition, in addition to the steel alloy, 13%, 15% or 17% chromium, and does not stain.

Another option, a little more expensive, is chrome-nickel steel. These usually have 18% chromium and up to 10% nickel in their composition, this composition are the safest and most used by our brands. It is safe because of the nickel present, in cutlery and usually has a slightly yellowish luster and is extremely resistant to corrosion, therefore perfect for anyone who wants to use the dishwasher regularly.

Another important thing is the weight of cutlery

Hollow handle Models

Weight & details

Heavier flatware often have beautiful designs and figures, but most often a lightweight cutlery is much better for day-to-day practicality. Imagine, in addition to eating with those heavy cutlery, you will still need to wash them. It is important to always think about washing them, especially so you do not make the mistake of choosing some cutlery so scraped that it is difficult to remove the dirt, and in these cases should be washed by hand.

In the choice of the flatware we must take into account some aspects, such as weight, and so in some models the knife wires have the option of hollow cable, to become lighter being a little more expensive, and cable monoblock a little heavier but also cheaper.

But in most modern models the knives by themselves are narrow and elegant cord making them light and practical.

The shape and the design is also another important thing when choosing your cutlery.


It is important to think that your tableware needs to be practical and useful, to fit in your hand so that it does not slip and loose.

In my store we have several models, with more classic and robust cables and narrower and more comfortable cables in it. Here the option is yours and see which of the models suits more for your daily use or simply have a special cutlery with details that are adptam for special occasions, such as golds, silver and those that have applied in the bright silverware svarosk .

We have cutlery for all occasions.

As I present in the following figures

Is knife cutting very important?

BBQ knives

Knife cut

  Yes it is very important, there is no use having a beautiful knife if you can not cut anything with it. Unless she has a specific use (butter knife or fish knife, for example), ideally her new cut beef knife very well.

But even so it is important to have the normal knives, for a meal. To avoid risk, in almost all models have the barbecue knives that in my store can buy separately. So you have the option of when making a steak, for example, use the barbecue knife and you can leave the knife without cutting on the table to eat something that does not need to cut, such as a risotto.


What can go wrong at a special dinner or simple dinner?

It is to discover that the knife does not cut, so you must keep in mind which are the dishes that will serve. If at dinner, serve a steak, a meat that needs a cut, you should put on the table the steak knife known also as a barbecue knife.


   As for the fork, this is the target of your positive thoughts, vibrations and sympathies so that at the crucial moment of the flesh, it does not bend in the hand of your guest.

It is in these important details that we must pay attention to the choice of the cutlery.

Often looking at cutlery they look alike, but when we are going to use them, we realize that the fork is easily bent, the knife does not cut, the spleen becomes very easily smudged and rust. All these tips are very important, and do not bleach them, so as not to have unpleasant surprises.

Always buy your cutlery in which the name of the cutlery you choose, is known in the market and guarantees quality and taste, as is the case of the brands I mentioned.



O que precisamos de saber:



  • O garfo tem que ser de aço inox de qualidade (para que a peça se mantenha bonita, com o tempo de uso);
  • A faca deve ser de qualidade para manter o fio de corte, fabricada em aço com maior teor de carbono, garantindo o seu uso por anos, a lâmina da faca deverá ser flexível porque depois de forjada passará por um processo de tempera, que possibilita o uso por anos sem perder o corte;
  • O talher tem que ter um bom polimento para manter o brilho por anos, mesmo sofrendo riscos e arranhões;

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