My story...                                                                         co-fundadora da Bright-Kitchen

 I am one of many heirs of the 4th Generation of a family dedicated to the manufacture of cutlery and flatware known as "Fertuzinhos" family, from Caldas das Taipas, the heart of the manufacture of the best cutlery in the world.

History begins in the last century, when in a situation of need and difficulties, many Portuguese were forced to emigrate. But my great-grandfather, a very proactive man, started alone his own business of cutlery, with the original brand "Mão". This trademark, which started the creation of the cutlery factory giving work to many families in the region.

The factory was created with the intention of satisfying a necessity, since, at the time, there was none in the scope of Cutlery.

For my great-grandfather, the creation of his own business was the best decision of all, since it would give many families a job, but essentially their children, since they all started at a very young age, as well as my own. Father, the grandson who inherited many of my great-grandfather's qualities.

My father began at an early age to work, at the age of 10, at the invitation of my great-grandfather. He had always been very autonomous and very intelligent, the best student in elementary school. However, academic life was not in my grandmother's plans, and so the factory was the only way out. My father loved the idea, and since he was not afraid of challenges, he went to work with my great-grandfather, and it was soon apparent that he was a very down-to-earth and very dedicated to work. In the course of time my father became the right arm of my great-grandfather

But as everything in life my father was growing up in the business, and years later already married to my Mother, he found himself with the desire and the need to grow and take a step forward. He made a proposal to my great-grandfather to be his partner, but he did not accept it, nor did he accept his children. Having all of them set up their own companies involved in the cutlery industry.

When my father decided to go ahead with the creation of the factory, he always had the unconditional support of my mother. In conversation with her, he informed her that the proposal had been refused, she had no choice but to start her own business. My great-grandfather, whom I am very proud of (We did not have the same sign with the difference of hours would have been born the same day), addressed my father: "my dear grandson goes ahead, and without fear, because when the sun rises , is born for all "so I wish all the luck in the world as I desired your uncles."

 In this way, the brand "BATIL" was born in the manufacture of scissors. At its genesis, my father had invited his partners, two of his brothers, who later left the company, and my father was going to continue the business.



Why the creation of the store with these characteristics?

 Since I have entrepreneurial blood running in my veins, even though I did not start in the business area, but dedicated to teaching, I felt the need to respond to my dream, the business world.

With my 40 years I created a store with some goals, one of them being to continue the family business. Prioritized in the Bright-Kitchen online store, products mostly made in the nice village of Caldas das Taipas, and products "made in Portugal"

I dedicate myself daily to the business, with the indispensable help of my husband and my elder brother.

We respond to all our customers immediately, always being close to them.

 What awakened me to create this business was the fact that after a few years of being married, I came across a rather embarrassing situation when I received friends to dine at home, I found that there were not enough cutlery. I'd been missing items from the cutlery, over time, without realizing it.

Who has never lost knives or forks that go to waste by mistake? Children who take spoon to eat yogurt in the morning, and the spoon never comes back? I have already looked for a hole in the cutlery drawer, and since I did not find any, I guess I lose them in these ways.

I solved the situation quite easily, because I know a lot of manufacturers, and I even got some spare parts.

However, in conversation with friends and classmates of the school, I realized that the overwhelming majority had no choice but to buy a new cutlery, or buy cutlery in a hypermarket of doubtful quality, and with a different design, and many times with exorbitant prices.

Together with my Husband, we created the Bright-Kitchen, to satisfy a long-needed need. Customers can purchase full cutlery, but they can also purchase cutlery from virtually every model we have available at the store. They can also buy the faqueiro in phases without this, it causes him great financial effort, so that he can create the faqueiro of his dreams.

 What I like the most, besides selling, is to create a relationship of closeness with my clients providing a positive and trustworthy dynamic. My Greatest Concern is Customer Satisfaction, and if the PRODUCT you chose Arrived NAS Due Conditions, and if it was what you wanted.

See you soon

Idalina Pereira



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