As I told you, I am a very dedicated and attentive person in everything that I am involved in, so I will be in touch with you, to bring you some curiosities and tips related to the home.

Household utensils and habits were not always the way we know them today, our ancestors were already looking for the evolution of manners at the table.

Did they know that people ate, with their hands until the eleventh century?

This is not surprising, but the thing that caught my attention was that by this time, the most educated people, in turn, had the concern of using only three fingers to bring food to their mouths. Only at the marriage of the court of Venice between Domenico Salvo and Princess Theodora did the first appearance, a pointed object with two teeth, which was used to chop food, would be the beginnings of a fork. Being that, the knife was the first cutting object, having registry of utensils made in stone, used for the hunting, and self-defense.

However, the spoon, being the last utensil to be created, was developed for the purpose of being used at the table.

Nowadays, the cutlery besides serving in any meal, they are that special refinement at our table.

Idalina Pereira


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