Who does not like to see their cutlery shine ???

I, for example, have the beautiful Obelisko model from Belo Inox.

The Obelisko cutlery like everyone else at one time while you have to give yourself a little attention and take the time to give it the sheen it deserves.

Here are some tips to keep your tableware in good condition:

For day to day we all use our precious dishwasher, but as time goes by the cutlery goes dull, dull.

Before placing the cutlery into the machine, you should leave some sauce to remove the leftovers and to ensure a better washing.

2º After the machine finishes its program, you must open the machine so that the outside air dries your cutlery better and these will be without stains.

3 If you want to wash by hand you should be careful to use a suitable sponge or mop, never use straw, this will damage the cutlery. But here also must before washing the cutlery leave a time of sauce to facilitate and ensure a good wash, especially on the forks, which always remains food waste.

So far we've all tried to keep up with these steps, but when we get home visits and we do not have those side tables always ready to put on the table (later on I'll give advice the size of the ideal cutlery for everyday use and always have cutlery available for those special visits), we did not know what to do, but here's a little help:

Simple, time-consuming and inexpensive tips:

How to let the cutlery shine:

Put in a container a liter (+ -) of water three tablespoons of detergent, half a cup of vinegar and finally a spoonful of baking soda, leave 30 to 40 minutes and thoroughly rinse with water to remove the detergent and baking soda . If you do not have baking soda only with the vinegar but in more quantity two cups, do not get so bright, but if you do with some regularity has good results.

Another tip, if you did not have the time or did not remember to give the brightness to the most important utensils we put on the table, I leave here a fast and effective and also disinfectant, a technique widely used in restaurants and catering teams. Wipe the tableware with a good cloth by gradually wetting the cloth in drops of alcohol, or sprinkling the cutlery with alcohol and wipe it immediately by pulling the shine a bit.

I hope I have helped in the best way to keep our cutlery always clean.

If you need me I am always here to help you care and choose the best cutlery for you.

Kind regards

Idalina Pereira


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