The etiquette rules define the correct placement of a series of cutlery on the table by welcoming our guests for lunch or dinner. However, if our goal is to bring friends to the table more casually, without losing the elegance and brilliance, it is possible to minimize objects in a way that is not confusing or exaggerated for our guests.

After researching, I came up with some very practical ideas that can be very useful and recyclable.

For example, I always take advantage of the glass jars of breakfast that I use in several things, but a very rotating and very functional, is to use these jars to put the cutlery.

The jars can be decorated to our taste, paint, put ribbons at last I let your imagination do the rest.


I use these jars to place the cutlery when I give a lunch or dinner here at home, I put only a ribbon around the jar and the color of the jar I use and put forks in a jar, knives in another jar, all separated. This method is very practical when we make a dinner flyer the cutlery is not spread on the balcony the guests take away as they need and always always tidy.

Bottles or cans can also be used to store cutlery in the drawers or put on the counter, it is always important to have the cutlery always ready for easy use.

But the personal touch in our decoration and storage is always that final refinement that gives the shine we need.

Here are some pictures to get ideas.

Bons almoços/Jantares

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