The new Spring / Summer trends 2016 to dress our TABLES

The new Spring / Summer trends 2016 to dress our TABLES

Before we start, today I would like to share with you a quote from Steve Jobs where it refers to, decor / design we put in everything. It comes within our heart and soul, only in this way do we give life to the things we have created and appreciated.

"In the vocabulary of most people, design means appearance. It is interior decoration, it is the fabric of curtains, the sofa. But for me, nothing could be so far from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamental soul of a human creation, which ends up expressing itself in successive external layers of the product or service ".


We all liked to follow trends in fashion, to wear well-fitting shoes, and how could it not be, we also have to dress our tables well, with good taste and great shiny.


Table with varied colors in cutlery, Blue, Green and Yellow to inspire ..........

                      Cheerful and fun table in blue, green, and yellow

Who likes to excel by difference, likes to have different utensils on your table. That's why the decoration deserves special attention when it comes to choosing the cutlery best suited to the dinner theme.

The trend this year is bright colors with a lot of brightness, which can be applied in various decoration styles of our meals.

In the following photos you will have the opportunity to get some inspiration to overwhelm when it comes to getting your friends to dinner.



Bon apetit!

See you soon


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