Practical tips on how to use and set up our tables

Today I will refer to the dishes

There are so many dishes that leave us without any desire to set up our table, so come learn how to use each one of them and put them in the right place, without much work.

What I am presenting to you today are the dishes my parents offered in the trousseau. I confess that, the dishes have almost none, the rest of the set is still going on.

This set of crockery was bought in Cutipol stores, as well as most of my cooking utensils. In addition to having excellent products, the factory and store are very close to my parents' house, having been the place I chose to hold my wedding list.

When I saw this set, I fell in love with the design of the dishes and the colors. Colors that matched my BLUE kitchen, so I opted for that set. But at the time of purchase I made a mistake I did not want the bookmarks, because I did not think it was necessary, but when we receive someone at home it is a striking and always elegant piece.

To put on the table: shallow dish, deep dish, dessert plate and ...

Let's start with:

 Deep dish

This dish is for soups and broths, also use for recipes that carry more sauces such as pasta and risottos. These dishes are so designed to maintain the temperature of the meal, and to become safer at the time of consumption.


Bread dish

  Personally I do not use much to put the bread dish, but to put I have this stainless steel dish that is part of this set. This dish should be placed on the table on the left side just above the main course.

Deap dish

It is the most common and most used in our day to day, we can also call it table plate, it can be placed over the marker (if they have it) or directly on the table.

Salad or dessert dish

These dishes are also used daily, as they serve to accompany our daily meals. Since it has much use to accommodate fruit, cheeses, salads, appetizers and dessert in general.

I have two dishes for this purpose with different sizes, the red one which is the biggest use for the desserts and the blue use for the appetizers.

Let's start the placement of the dishes, it seems complicated but it's very easy:

We put the towel to match the theme chosen, then put the dish or table, since I have no marker, then the plate of appetizers, only after lifting the plate of appetizers is that I place the plate deep.

Some photos from my desk:

The dishes I used as I said before and everything else is still in my trousseau, the cutlery is from Belo Inox (model Obelisko), as well as the glasses.

Some suggestions of sets of utensils that you can acquire and to make tables more beautiful than mine, just give rise to your imagination, I also leave some models of cutlery to give the shine that was lacking. An important information for you is that you can purchase both items in the unit, so that you can build your own cutlery or dishware according to your possibilities through the website

In online the store everything is very well defined, but if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me so I can help.

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