How to recycle strawberries woodbox

Dear all!

Today I present my first video of how to recycle a strawberries box. It is very simple the process of transformation and the materials that are necessary and as you can see in the video, are very easy to acquire and very affordable.

The box has i decorated, can have several functionalities, this one used for flatware storaged, that makes a good way in a garden dinner, so that they are accommodated and arranged of a simple and imaginative form.

The box of strawberries, also gives to put the Bread, to serve coffee, napkins ... .. what you want is only to give rise to your imagination.

I use a lot of cookies, biscuits when we invited friends for coffee or tea. Speaking of tea, you can put the tea boxes to serve at the table.

I hope you enjoy it and I promise that I will continue to present ideas on how we can use utensils that end the garbage and which may now be part of our kitchen.

It is with great affection that today I leave you my first video "Recycle a box of strawberries"

Hope you enjoy it! Leave some messages!

See you soon!

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