It was at this point that started the development of different cutleries companies in my family.

In the edition “La Coutellerie depuis l'origine jusqu'à nos jours, the fabrication ancienne et modern”, by Camille Pagé, impr. of H. Rivière (Châtellerault), 1896-1904, Partie 5, Tome 6, pages 1299 to 1301, are references to the Guimarães cutlery industry:

"Guimarães, city of 8,205 inhabitants in the north of Portugal, 39 km from Oporto. It is the only locality of Portugal where the cutlery has had a certain development.

The Guimarães cutlery had a high moment in the 17 century, at the same time as the other cities of Spain, when Portugal was part of the kingdom of Spain.

The workshops comprised between two and ten workers and the employers worked with their workers. It is estimated that the number of employers is 150 and that of the workers is about 430.

The installation of each workshop was extremely simple, and the instruments used were: the anvil, the forge of the old system, the hammer, the iron press, the file, grindstone and manual polishing wheel

Fine and ordinary forks, fine and ordinary knives, cutlery, kitchen knives, scissors, axes, scythes, and knives are made in these workshops.

Here my great-grandfather already had his factory of cutlery, where he made all the utensils above represented.

The facilities still exist, resisting all these years.

Modern cutlery. 

  At present, the Guimarães cutlery is established in large companies with great quotation worldwide. Currently the Village of Taipas is the European Capital of Cutlery.

The major brands that stand out all over the world are: BELO INOX; CUTIPOL; DALPER and HERDMAR.

These companies employ upwards of 60 employees, having Portuguese cutlery across the world.

BRIGHT-KITCHEN has the function of giving continuity to the work developed by the factories to show what different Portuguese cutlery has, both in quality and in the cunning of the designer.

Here I present some models of the different brands that BRIGHT-KITCHEN commercializes.

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