What to do with the Old Flatware


Who doesn’t have old cutlery?

Or, old cutlery in which we  feel sorry to throw away because they were offered by important people in our lives?

  This way during this post I will give some ideas / tips to give a happy ending to our Cutlery that are taking up space in our drawers.

Almost all of us in our Cutlery drawers have pieces that look good, but that do not match the remaining cutlery, which are already badly damaged.

Almost always we have good memories of these Cutlery, because we like the design, so you can find a new use for them, turning them into Hooks, Rings for napkins, Clocks, and other objects, just give to your imagination.

Here are some pictures


I hope I have given you some ideas for a HAPPY end of our beloved Cutlery that have made company in times of conviviality and sharing meals between loved ones.


However, if you want something even more fun, buy antiques or used items - they can look good and even more attractive than the new pieces.

 You should take the following care:

• Cutlery should be made entirely of metal (plastic, wood and other "breakable" materials will not work);

• Use cutlery in good condition. Avoid using parts that have spots or are peeling; they can worsen the decorative look of the place.

• If the cutlery looks weak, use it for different purposes. The silverware should be able to withstand the folds that will be made.

• If you are considering placing a row of hooks, a varied design can be as elegant as a standard design. In fact, something mixed can be even more interesting.

• Use parts that have history. For example, instead of letting your grandmother's set of cutlery collect dust in the pantry, use it (with your family's permission) to make artistic hooks.

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