Cutipol GOA BLACK GOLD Cutlery Set
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Cutipol GOA BLACK GOLD Cutlery Set


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Upgrade your dining setting with Cutipol Goa the perfect cutlery for all dining occasions. Including traditional and modern ideas and methods in manufacture, Cutipol supply practical and refined luxury cutlery ranges.

Extraordinary design with straight lines, makes this model an object of art and unique in Portuguese cutlery. 24K gold bath with resin handle. Dishwasher safe

24 pieces set: (6)Table, fork (6) Table Knife, (6) Table spoon, (6) Tea spoon

130 pieces set: (12) Table fork, (12) Table Knife, (12) Table Spoon, (12) Dessert fork, (12) Dessert knife, (12) Dessert spoon, (12)Fish knife; (12) Fish forks (12) Teaspoon, (12) Coffee Spoon (1) Soup Ladle, (1) Serving Spoon, (1) Sugar Spoon, (1)  Meat Carving Knife, (1)  Meat Carving Fork, (1) Spoon Sauce, (1) Cake padle, (1) Cheese Knife, (1) Salad set 2 pieces.


CUTIPOL is the best result of a constant effort for improvement, an insatiable spirit of inovation and the gathering of expertise and know-how over several generations going back to the very origins of the cutlery industry in Portugal.