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VERTICE Black Titanium PVD
VERTICE Black Titanium PVD
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VERTICE Black Titanium PVD

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Modern and high quality flatware. Original and modern design. Designed by the Portuguese stylist Fátima Lopes. Produced in stainless steel 18:10 with 3.0mm thickness. Finished with high quality PVD coating. Made in Portugal.

Set of 8 pcs: (2) Table knives; (2) Table forks; (2) Table spoons; (2) Tea spoons

Precautions for longlife cutlery: after use, wash the cutlery with hot water and mild detergent. Never use too strong detergents based on chlorine and anti-limescale.

Do not use any type of abrasive, be careful to remove any residue from acid or salty foods - it prevents corrosion.

Make sure that the cutlery is completely dry at the end of the wash. If not, dry by hand with a soft cloth.

Extra care must be taken with the knives. The knife blades are made with 420 steel and tempered, ensuring more cutting power and hardness, but making them less resistant to oxidation. Make sure you have been thoroughly washed and wiped before storing in a place with no moisture.

Due to the presence of chlorine in the water (used in the process of making the water drinkable) and at a temperature of about 50 °, reached during the washing cycle, the chloric acid can form. This acid is a very aggressive agent for the steel used in cutlery. This phenomenon is so evident that at the first washing in the machine signs of oxidation appear: small stains. To avoid this problem, you must minimize contact with the steam, remove it immediately from the machine and wipe dry and soft even if the parts appear to be dry.