Once again we find ourselves surrounded with crisis.

What crisis is this?

Are we ready for this?

Are we ready for another one?

My nature tells me that we are always ready.

Life is made of this, of surprises. They can be good or less good.

It’s the way we look at them that determines the result we get. The solution, at least the one within our reach, is to look and move forward.

We are fighters, we are resilient, we are portuguese, we are europeans, we are from the fair world, made of companionship and hope.

This text is a small tribute to the fighters filled with hope, the ukrainian people, and specially to our costumers from Kiev that gave us the pleasure to sell them the best we have in portuguese industry, our cutlery.

Bright Kitchen has mantained direct contact with our friend, one of them is still in Ukraine at the forefront of this battle. The other managed to get out and is, fortunately, safe.

We are closely monitoring this whole situation and on the upcoming trip to Poland, we will take what we can offer from our Bright Safe brand such as personal protective equipment and disinfection products.

We are all portuguese, we are all Ukraine and we believe that together and with lots of faith WE WILL WIN.

Bright Kitchen thanks our costumers all their strength and courage and we hope they feel and know that we are always here with our doors open for whatever they need.


Спасибі (thanks),

Idalina Pereira

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